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Cataract Evaluation

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Free Laser Cataract Surgery in Poughkeep

Cataract Evaluation

What is a Cataract? 
We all have a natural lens inside of our eyes. This lens helps to focus our vision. As our eyes age or other diseases affect the eyes, the natural lens becomes cloudy and disturbs good vision. This is called a cataract.
The Initial Cataract Evaluation 

An initial evaluation is performed to determine if you have a cataract, and whether it can be safely removed. A full eye exam is performed during this visit, which involves dilating the eyes. Furthermore, we determine if cataract surgery will improve your vision. With cuts to Medicare and health insurance, we are now only allowed to perform the most basic diagnostic testing during this evaluation. In the past, we were able to perform these advanced preoperative tests during the initial cataract evaluation.

Modern Technology

We offer the latest ophthalmic imaging and refractive technology to assure you the best vision possible.

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